Download Software Packages From Maintenance Advantage Site

It is recommended that you always use the latest package to install the software. See Released Versions of Simpana Installer for information on the latest installer packages.

The following procedure provides step-by-step instructions to download the software packages from maintenance advantage site:

1. Login to your computer on which you wish to download the package.

For Unix machines, log on to the Unix client as root.

2. Enter Maintenance Advantage Site URL in the browser.

Enter your user account credentials.

Click Login.

3. Select software version from the Select Software Version menu.
4. Click Downloads & Packages tab.

Click Simpana Electronic Software Distribution link.

5. Click Download Manager Java Applet link.  
6. Select the software package depending up on your operating system.

Click Launch Download Manager.

7. Click Browse to provide the location to download the Software Package.
8. Click Start to download.
9. Once the download complete, you can see the .iso version of the software package available in the downloaded location.