Client Side Deduplication

Use this dialog box to configure deduplication options for the client.

Perform client side Deduplication

Select this option if you wish to deduplicate the backup data at the client side before transferring the data to MediaAgent. This setting is applicable to all deduplication-enabled jobs on this client.

Enable Client Side Disk Cache

Select this option if you wish to maintain a signature cache on the client computer. The signatures processed on the client is stored in this cache to enable local lookups for subsequent backups.

The client side cache is located in the job results directory.

Note that signature caching is not supported on Macintosh and FreeBSD platforms.

Max cache-database size

Use this option to set the maximum size of the signature cache.

When a signature lookup is required, it is first looked up in the local cache. A remote lookup is initiated only when the signature is not available in the local cache. So for each signature, though the first lookup is a remote lookup, all subsequent lookups will be locally performed. Also, the remote lookups are performed in batches to optimize network usage. The signature cache can grow to a maximum of 32 GB. The following calculation can be used to determine the approximate amount of space required for the signature cache:

(Size of data / Deduplication block size) * 200 bytes

Enable Variable Content Alignment

Variable content alignment is a content aware approach to deduplication that further reduces the amount of data stored during a backup. It accomplishes this by shifting the boundaries of the backup data stream as minor changes to the files in the stream are made between incremental backups. This feature works best on client systems that experience small changes to the backup data.