Properties of SQL Server: <instance name> (General)

Use this dialog box to manage the SQL Server Instance properties.

Client name

Displays the name of the client computer on which this instance is found.

Billing Department

Displays the name of the billing department, when the Instance is associated with a billing department..


Displays the name of the  iDataAgent to which this instance belongs.


Displays the SQL version.

Server Type

Displays the server type according to the instance selected to be added.

VDI Timeout

Use the space to type the VDI Timeout value in seconds.

When restoring a SQL database, the VDI timeout represents the time the system must wait for the SQL server to become ready to accept data into the database. If the database you are attempting to restore is particularly large, it may become necessary to increase this time-out value.


Available for SQL Server clients running on Windows Server.

When  selected, traditional full backups for all databases within the instance will be switched to VSS full backups.

When cleared, all full backups for all databases within the instance will use the traditional backup methods.


Use this field to enter a description about the entity. This description can include information about the entity's content, cautionary notes, etc.