Add Instance/Update Instance

Use this dialog box to add or update an Oracle instance within the affected Oracle RAC instance.

Instance Physical Client

Displays the name of the client computer on which this Oracle instance will be found.


Displays the name of the instance or instance-like object (Oracle SID).


On Unix operating systems, specifies the Oracle User account under which the Oracle backups will be conducted.

User Account

Displays the path to your application user account.

On Windows operating systems, specifies the application user account used by the system to perform all Data Protection and Recovery operations for this instance.

Change User Account

Click to enter the application user account and password on Windows operating systems.


Enter the path of the Home directory where you have installed the application.


Click to change the Oracle Home directory.

Connect String

Specifies the database connect string. You can change the database connect string by entering  1) database user ID, 2) password for the user ID @ 3) Oracle service name in the three spaces provided. The user ID must have SYSDBA, ALTER SYSTEM and SELECT ANY TABLE system privileges.

Alternatively, instead of the SELECT ANY TABLE privilege, you can create less powerful user IDs with the following object privileges:

You can create a user ID with these privileges, or you can use the internal user ID.


Identifies the path to the TNS Admin directory. If a value is not provided, a default value is created by appending the path \network\admin to the path of the $ORACLE_HOME directory, such as, if $ORACLE_HOME is \opt2\oracle, then TNS_ADMIN is \opt2\oracle\network\admin.


Click to establish or change the designated TNS_ADMIN directory.


Displays the status of the database.

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