Job History

Use this window to view history information pertaining to operations associated with the selected client computer group, client, agent, instance/partition, backup set, or subclient. Right-click any of the rows to view more items. Note that some of the columns in this window may not be applicable to some of the agents. For example, some agents do not support backup sets and hence may appear blank.

Job ID

The unique number allocated by the Job Manager that identifies the operation.


Displays the Job Status of a particular operation.


Displays the client whose data was included in the operation.

iDataAgent/Agent Type

The agent that performed the operation.


The instance/partition in the client computer that represents the database that was included in this operation.

Backup Set

The backup set that was protected/recovered during the operation.


The subclient that was protected during the operation. Note that a deleted subclient will have a Unix time stamp appended to its name in cases where another subclient is currently using the same name as the deleted subclient.

Storage Policy

The storage policy to which this data management operation was directed.

New Index

Displays either "New Index" or black to indicate whether or not a new index was created during the operation.

Operation Type

The type of operation that was conducted.

Content Indexed

Displays whether contenting indexing was used for the operation. Job history data from previous release: Yes or No. Job history data from current release: Full, Partial, or No.

Failed Folders

The number of folders that were not included in the operation.

Failed Files

The number of files that were not included in the operation.

Start Time/Started Time

The date and time on the CommServe when the operation started.

End Time

The date and time on the CommServe when the operation was completed.

No. of Objects

The number of items that were recovered/retrieved by the operation. (In the case of Image Level this is the number of extents.)

Destination Client

The client to which the data was recovered/retrieved.

Size on Media

The amount of data that was transferred to the media.

Note: When viewing the jobs from the client level, the amount displayed is an uncompressed size and includes valid and invalid attempts of the backup jobs, and thus, may be larger than the size displayed when viewing the jobs from any other level.

User Name

The name of the user who initiated the operation. For DataArchiver stub recoveries from Outlook, the Exchange Mailbox Alias Name will be displayed.

Error Code

A unique number linking to troubleshooting and knowledgebase articles from the customer support website. This is useful if you wish to obtain information about the job failure reason(s).

Note that this error code will only appear if the job has not completed successfully.


When clicked, updates the Job History window with the most current information.


Click to print the details displayed in the dialog box.

Save to File

Click to save the details displayed in the dialog box either as a tab (.xls) or comma (.csv) separated file.

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