MediaAgent Properties (Control)

Use this dialog box to establish the control related options for a MediaAgent.

Enable MediaAgent

Specifies whether the MediaAgent is online or offline. Select this option to bring the MediaAgent online and make it available for use. Clear this option to take the MediaAgent offline. When a MediaAgent is offline, the libraries and drives controlled by the MediaAgent are inaccessible to the CommCell components.

The MediaAgent's enable status reflects its logical availability in the CommCell;  it does not indicate hardware, software or communication failure.


Displays the status of the MediaAgent. (Online/Offline).

Offline Reason

Displays the offline reason, when the Status of the MediaAgent is displayed as Offline.

Mark MediaAgent Offline for Maintenance

Specifies whether the MediaAgent is available for data protection, data recovery and auxiliary copy operations.

When selected, the MediaAgent will be unavailable for data protection, data recovery or auxiliary copy operations. However, the MediaAgent will be available to perform other administrative tasks on the devices attached to the MediaAgent, such as Full Scan, Drive Cleaning, etc.

This option is useful when you wish to perform administrative or maintenance related tasks on the devices attached to the MediaAgent.

Enable Application level Error Recovery during backups for write errors

Specifies whether the MediaAgent should perform error recovery by readjusting the tape position and re-write the last block when IO error occurs. This option maybe enabled when data protection jobs fail due to SCSI related write errors in the library.

However, note that extreme caution must be exercised while selecting this option as it severely impacts the performance of the MediaAgent. As most write errors are due to hardware failures, steps must be taken to fix the hardware instead of enabling this option. This option may be temporarily used to ensure that the current data protection jobs are successful until the hardware is fixed.

Note that the error recovery attempts may not be successful if the hardware errors persists.

Automatically detect WORM Tape Media

Specifies whether the MediaAgent must automatically detect a WORM media when it is used in a drive. Enable this option if you plan to use WORM media in the libraries attached to the MediaAgent.

Data Transfer

Device Detection

Use Native device driver for data transfer for tape media

This option is available only in AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Tru64 MediaAgents. Indicates whether the MediaAgent will use the pass-through drivers (provided by the MediaAgent software) or the native driver to communicate with tape devices. Select this option to use the native driver.

Send pass-thru commands to Atape

Option to allow MediaAgent to send pass-through commands to Atape device drivers.

Enable retry on network errors

When enabled, the Robust Network Layer feature is enabled allowing the Job Manager to continuously check for network connectivity when loss of connectivity is detected.


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