Vault Tracking

Select options to export and track media, using Vault Tracker.

Vault Tracking Options will be displayed only when a Vault Tracker license is available in the CommServe.

Vault Tracking options are only applicable for data protection operations using a storage policy associated with a library containing removable media (e.g., tape, optical or stand-alone.)

Export media after the job finishes

Specifies the media used by the data protection operation and media with the specific Media Status (if specified) will be exported and tracked by Vault Tracker.

Exclude Media Not Copied

When selected, allows you to exclude media with jobs that have to be copied.

Media Status

Export Location

Specifies the destination location and lists the stationary locations entered using the Export Location Details dialog box.

Track Transit

Specifies that transit information must be tracked, and lists the transit locations entered using the Export Location Details dialog box.

Use Virtual Mail Slots

Specifies the exported media is stored within the library in the virtual mail slots defined in the Library Properties (Media) dialog box.

Filter Media By Retention

Specifies that the system must automatically filter media based on whether the media has extended retention jobs or not.