Troubleshooting Backup - NAS iDataAgent

Backup Restore  

Backup Failures

The following section provides information on troubleshooting backups.

Incremental backups are failing If this event is generated:

nasBackup: Exceeded maximum number of incremental backups. Must run full or differential backup

Then set the the sConvertToFull registry key to Y to kick off a Full backup if all paths in a subclient have exceeded the maximum number of incremental backups. 

NAS-attached libraries shared across a SAN During configuration, all of the drive devices must have a value for their serial number.

If the automatic configuration does not populate a serial number for a drive, you must manually enter a serial number value. Each instance of a drive must have the same serial number.

Filter data that consistently fails


Some items such as files or folders e.t.c., fail because they are locked by the operating system or application and cannot be opened at the time of the data protection operation. This items will be displayed in the "Items That Failed" list when Job History Report is run.


Filter the files that consistently appear in the "Items That Failed" list on the data protection Job History Report and exclude those files or folders during backup to avoid backup failure.

Completed with One or More Errors

Backup jobs from NAS iDataAgent will be displayed as Completed w/ one or more errors in the Job History in the following cases: