Overview of Case Manager for Administrators

Case Manager is a feature within Compliance Search that enables compliance officers to collect data from specific sources, such as laptops or journal emails, that are owned by a particular person. Compliance officers can then search this data for relevant electronically stored information (ESI).

How Case Manager Works

When a request for electronically stored information (ESI) involves a specific person or group of people, compliance officers can use Case Manager to collect relevant data. Data is collected in a case set, which can be configured for different types of data on clients owned by one or more individuals. Additional criteria, such as filters, can be applied to the case to remove irrelevant data from the case. Compliance officers can decide whether to collect source data or create a copy of the source data and associate a storage policy to the case. Data in a case can be retained indefinitely or according to the settings of an associated storage policy.

Data Retention for Case Manager

When a case is created, compliance officers can choose to collect data from the source client or copy the source data to a reference copy client. When source data is used in a case, data aging is disabled on the source client so that data can be retained indefinitely for compliance searches. If source data is copied to a reference copy client, then a storage policy is also associated to the case, which is used to determine how case data should be retained.

Case Manager reference copy clients that appear in the CommCell Console should be considered read-only as their properties are automatically modified by the Case Manager software

When source data is collected in a case, the Data Retention Forecast and Compliance Report will indicate that data aging has been disabled on the client. See Data Retention Forecast and Compliance Report.

Exceptions to Retention Settings for Case Data

Data that is included in a case will not be protected if any of the following occur::

  • The client, subclient, content indexed objects, storage policy, or agent associated to a case asset are de-configured or deleted from the CommCell group.
  • Backup jobs containing the data in a case are re-picked.
  • The license for the client or agent associated to a case asset is released.
  • The license for the reference copy client created for the case is edited or released.
  • The reference copy client created for the case is deleted.