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Getting Started with File Discovery




File Discovery, Archiving, and Migrating Data to Cloud

The File Discovery and Archiving solution provides a simple web-based user interface to discover and analyze the contents and structure of your organizations's file server and anticipate your need for saving storage space. The file discovery solution runs a data discovery job and collects the data. Based on the data collected, the file discovery solution displays a dashboard that allows you to view statistical information about your data such as total data, data types, data age, and data size.

You can also archive data based on the information you see in the dashboard. Archiving solution allows you to back up and archive data in a single operation.

Additionally, you can also archive data to cloud storage and retain the data for a longer period of time.

Note: A backup operation is not required to analyze content with the archiving solution.

After you run the data discovery job, the Admin Console dashboard will be updated to show the following:

After you enable the archiving rules and run archiving jobs and Data Analytics job, the Admin Console dashboard will be updated to show the following:

Quickly complete your configuration by answering the following questions:

The Commvault software provides the following features so that you can efficiently manage your data protection: