Killing Jobs

Users can manually terminate, or kill, jobs from the Job Controller.

The following points contain information about killing jobs:

  • The Job Manager automatically terminates a job if the number of job retries or the total running time has exceeded the values set in the Job Retry dialog box or if free space in the CommServe installation directory is less than 25 MB.
  • You can terminate a job when the job is running, suspended, pending, queued, or waiting.
  • When a backup job is terminated, some agents commit any data that is already backed up. You can browse and restore backup data that is committed. The remaining uncommitted data is backed up when you perform an incremental backup. Files marked as Failed for the original backup job are included in the incremental backup job. Agents that commit backed up data when a backup job is terminated do so whether or not they use indexing version 2.

    Applies To:

  • Terminating a job does not terminate pre-process or post-process initiated by that job.
  • Failed jobs do not commit any data.

Last modified: 3/12/2019 2:17:28 PM