Command Line - Microsoft Azure Storage

After generating the chunk files, the recall can be initiated from the command line. For more information on generating the chunk files, see Restoring Data from Archive Cloud Storage Using Command Line.

Note: Once the files are recalled and the corresponding restore operation is completed, the recalled files must be moved back to the respective archive storage using an additional command. The following examples provide the necessary commands with appropriate options for both recalling the files, and moving them back to the respective archive storage.


CloudTestTool.exe -u <Service Host>//<Account Name> -p <Access Key> -b <Container> -c <Storage Class> -m <recall option> -f "C:\<software_installation_path>\Base\Temp\ChunkList_mountpath_id.txt"


.\CloudTestTool.exe -u <Service Host>//<Account Name> -p <Access Key> -b <Container> -c <Storage Class> -m <recall option> -f “/opt/commvault/Base/Temp/ChunkList_mountpath_id.txt"


  • To recall the files from the Archive Storage Class to Hot Storage:

    Note: To recall the files from Archive storage class to cool storage use the –c 2 option in the following command.

    CloudTestTool.exe -u "blob.core.windows.net//MyAccountName" -p "MyAccessKey" -b "MyContainer" -c 1 -f "C:\Chunklist_path\ChunkList_1539008868_25.txt"

  • To move the recalled files back to the Archive Storage Class:

    CloudTestTool.exe -u "blob.core.windows.net//MyAccountName" -p "MyAccessKey" -b "MyContainer" -c 3 -f "C:\Chunklist_path\ChunkList_1539008868_25.txt"

  • To recall the files from Hot/Archive storage to Hot Storage:

    CloudTestTool.exe -u "blob.core.windows.net//MyAccountName" -p "MyAccessKey" -b "MyContainer" -c 1 –m 2 -f "C:\Chunklist_path\ChunkList_1539008868_25.txt"

  • To move the files back to Hot/Archive Storage:

    CloudTestTool.exe -u "blob.core.windows.net//MyAccountName" -p "MyAccessKey" -b "MyContainer" -c 4 –m 2 -f "C:\Chunklist_path\ChunkList_1539008868_25.txt"

  • To recall the files from Cool/Archive Storage to Cool storage:

    CloudTestTool.exe -u "blob.core.windows.net//MyAccountName" -p "MyAccessKey" -b "MyContainer" -c 2 –m 2 -f "C:\Chunklist_path\ChunkList_1539008868_25.txt"

  • To move the files back to Cool/Archive Storage:

    CloudTestTool.exe -u "blob.core.windows.net//MyAccountName" -p "MyAccessKey" -b "MyContainer" -c 5 –m 2 -f "C:\Chunklist_path\ChunkList_1539008868_25.txt"




    Specify the service host of the storage with the account name.

    Format: <Service Host>//<Account Name>

    Example: blob.core.windows.net//demoaccountname


    Access Key


    Container Name


    Location of the chunk list file.

    Note: If the CloudTestTool is run from any MediaAgent that has access to the Cloud library, make sure to copy the ChunkList_mount_path_ID.txt file to the MediaAgent and provide the appropriate location of the file.


    Storage Class. Valid Values are:

    1 – Hot

    2 – Cool

    3 – Archive

    4 – Hot/Archive

    5 – Cool/Archive

    -4 – High Priority (negative 4)

    Note: If High Priority is selected, the re-hydration request will be prioritized over the Standard requests, and may finish in under 1 hour.


    Recall option. Valid value is:

    2 – to recall and move back the files from/to Hot/Archive and Cool/Archive cloud storage.




    When the cloud storage is accessed using a proxy server then the proxy server name and credentials as follows:

    -x <proxy server name>

    -y <user name to access the proxy server>

    -z <password for the user name>

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