Using Commvault iSCSI Server for Instant Clones

You can use Commvault's iSCSI Server with IntelliSnap backups and backup copies to create instant database clones for recovery scenarios. Commvault's iSCSI server is a proxy MediaAgent that interface between the hardware array/CVMedia and the database servers to provide instant access to the backups.

Instant clone provisioning is used for generating reports or for troubleshooting purposes and requires only a fraction of the disk space than the original database size. You can create the instant database clones from the hardware snapshots or from the CVMedia copy.

With IntelliSnap Backups

If the hardware array does not support native clone functionality, you can use Commvault's iSCSI server to create an instant clone of the database. For more information on the supported hardware engines with native clone functionality, see Instant Clones for Applications.

The iSCSI server provides the instant clone functionality for the hardware engines that do not have the native clone capability.

With Backup Copies

If you plan to create instant database clones from copies on the CVMedia, use volume copies to move the snapshotsto the CVMedia in extent format. Extent format backups are capable of instant mount operation. The CommvaultiSCSI server can export the backups on the CVMedia to the database servers as read-write LUNs. The instant database clone operation will then mount the LUNs from the iSCSI server to the target database servers and start the database.

Last modified: 6/13/2019 8:39:27 PM