Converting Selective Copy to Synchronous Copy

A selective copy creates copies of selective full backups from a specified point in time. However, if you want to make additional copies of all the backup jobs (full, incremental, differential, transaction log or archive), you can convert an existing selective copy to a synchronous copy. The conversion honors all backup jobs that ran during the time range that was specified for the selective copy.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies > Storage Policies > appropriate storage policy.
  2. Right-click the appropriate selective copy and click Properties.
  3. On the General tab, clear the Selective Copy check box and click OK.

    The copy type will change to synchronous copy.


  • When converting from selective to synchronous copy, the Backup on After Date option by default follows the criteria same as the selective copy.

    After conversion the Backup on After Date option on the synchronous copy re-picks all the jobs from that date onwards. If you want the copy to be synchronized only from current date, we have to specify the current date for Backups on After Date option.

    The following scenario illustrates how the conversion affects the backup jobs:

    • Date1 - Job1 - Available (already copied)
    • Date2 - Job2 - partially copied, Job3 - to be copied
    • Date3 - Job4 - to be copied, Job5 - not picked on the selective copy

    When the conversion is done and user selects the Date3 as backup on after date. After conversion the job status will appear as below:

    • Job1 - Available
    • Job2 - Partially available and disabled for copy
    • Job3 - Disabled for copy
    • Job4, Job5 - To be copied state

Last modified: 11/14/2019 7:22:51 AM