View Media Associated With a Storage Policy Copy

You can view the list of media or mount paths that was used by a storage policy copy. This can be useful in various circumstances, including the following:

  • To know the mount paths location of your data stored on disk media.
  • To change the data paths for media from one library to another and need to know which media are associated with a given storage policy copy.
  • You are scheduling operations and want to make sure that all of the media necessary for the operations are inside the library.
  • To view the contents on the media.

Applies To

  • Primary Copy, Synchronous Copy, Selective Copy, Snapshot Copy, Spool Copy, Parallel Copy, Inline Copy, Deferred Copy, and WORM Copy


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies | Storage Policies | <Storage_Policy>.
  2. Right-click the appropriate storage policy copy, point to View, and then click Media.

    All media that is used by selected storage policy copy is displayed in the Media List dialog box.

  3. Click Close.

Last modified: 11/7/2019 3:51:23 PM