Installing a MediaAgent Docker Image

Commvault provides a Docker image containing the preinstalled UNIX version of the MediaAgent software.

You must install the image on a UNIX-based Docker container.

Before You Begin

  • Download the MediaAgent image from the Docker repository.
  • Prepare your environment for the installation as described in Plan the MediaAgent Installation. Review system requirements, license requirements, and MediaAgent roles.
  • Assign a directory in your Docker host to be used by the Commvault software. Use the export name $CVDIR to assign the directory.


Log on to the Docker host as root, and then enter the following command on a container:

docker run -d
-v $CVDIR/CommvaultLogs:/var/log/commvault/Log_Files \
-v $CVDIR/.gxsetup:/var/log/.gxsetup \
-v $CVDIR/CommvaultRegistry/:/etc/CommVaultRegistry \
-v $CVDIR/libraryPath/:/opt/libraryPath \
-v $CVDIR/IndexCache/:/opt/commvault/MediaAgent/IndexCache \
-v $CVDIR/jobResults/:/opt/commvault/iDataAgent/jobResults \
-v $CVDIR/certificates:/opt/commvault/Base/certificates \
--net host \
--add-host mycommserve.mydomain.com:172.xx.xx.xxx \
commvaultrepo/mediaagent:SPn \
-csclientname mycommserve \
-cshost mycommserve.mydomain.com \
-mountpath "/opt/libraryPath" \
-commcelluser myusername \
-commcellpassword mypassword \
-cvdport 8600 \
-clienthost 172.xx.xx.xxx \
-clientname docker123

The following table displays the command options that require user input.

Command Options



The fully qualified domain name and IP address of the CommServe computer, separated by a colon (:).


The service pack version associated with the MediaAgent docker image. You must always specify the latest service pack version.

To specify the service pack, type SPn, where n is the service pack number (for example, SP8).


The client name of the CommServe computer.


The fully qualified domain name or IP address of the CommServe computer.


The path to a storage volume to be used by MediaAgent libraries.


The user name of a CommCell user account that has sufficient permissions to perform Commvault installations.


The password associated with the CommCell user that you specified.


Port number between 1024 and 65000 to be used by the Commvault instance.


The fully qualified domain name or IP address of the Docker host.


The name of the Docker host.

What To Do Next

Review postinstallation tasks in Postinstallation Tasks for the MediaAgent.

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