Perform a Block-Level Backup for PostgreSQL Databases

You can perform any one of the block-level backup operations for PostgreSQL databases:

After the backup operations are run, the backup copy operation will move data from snap to media.


  • Do not manually delete backup jobs from the storage policy copy.
  • When you select a native engine for snapshots, run an inline backup copy operation. You cannot select a proxy for backup copy.
  • For Logical Volume Managers (LVM) or physical volume partitions, an inline backup copy runs automatically on a subclient after the block-level backup operation is complete. For hardware arrays, you can run an inline backup copy or an offline backup copy on a subclient.
  • Snapshots in the client might be corrupt after reboot, so system resources are used, if needed.
  • A restore operation restores data from the media. Backup copy can be scheduled to run later only for hardware engine type.
  • Monitor your snapshot volume regularly to ensure that it is not 100% full. When you run a native engine snap backup job, the snapshot that is created might be corrupted if your snap volume is full.
  • If you have to perform a table level restore operation or a clone restore operation, verify that the data directory and the postgresql.conf file do not point to any custom paths. The paths should always be default.

Last modified: 6/17/2019 9:18:54 AM