Testing the CommServe Upgrade Using the Database Upgrade Tool

Applies: Upgrades from V10 to V11, Upgrades from V9 to V11

You can test the CommServe upgrade to determine the state of your CommServe database and to fix any issues that are found during the upgrade. This method is useful if your business does not allow you to submit the CommServe database to the Cloud Services website due to strict security policies.

To test the upgrade, you must install the V11 CommServe software on a separate computer (called standby CommServe), restore the CommServe database by using the CommServe Recovery Assistant tool, and then run a test upgrade by using the Database Upgrade tool.

Before You Begin

  • Obtain a computer that you can use as the standby CommServe.

    The computer must have a different name and IP address than the production CommServe computer.

  • Use the V11 Download Manager application to download the CommServe software. During the download, the application bundles an installation package. The V11 CommServe software includes the Database Upgrade tool.

    To download the software, see Downloading Software for Windows Computers Using the Download Manager.


  1. Set up the standby CommServe.

    Install the V11 CommServe software on the designated computer. For instructions, see Installing the CommServe Software.

  2. Perform a disaster recovery (DR) backup on the production CommServe.
    1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe and click All Tasks > Disaster Recovery Backup.
    2. In the Disaster Recovery Options dialog box, click OK.
    3. After the job finishes, go to the DR backup folder and copy the dump file to the computer on which you plan to set up the standby CommServe.

      Tip: The DR backup folder is specified in the DR Backup Settings dialog box, which you can access from the CommCell Console's Control Panel. The dump file is located under a folder name SET_nnn. Use the folder with the highest nnn number.

  3. Restore the database dump file on the standby CommServe by using the CommServe Recovery Assistant tool.
    1. On the standby CommServe, open the command prompt and go to the Software_Installation_Path\Base directory.
    2. Run the following command to restore the database dump file:

      CSRecoveryAssistant.exe -operation staging -restoreonly -dbdumplocation "Database_Dump_Folder"

  4. Test the upgrade by running the Database Upgrade tool.
    1. On the standby CommServe, go to the Software_Installation_Path\Base directory and double-click DBUpgradeUI.exe.

      The DBUpgrade User Interface wizard opens.

    2. On the first page, make the following selections:
      1. Under the Product Type list, select CommServer. If you are testing other databases, like the Web Server (DM2), select the appropriate database.
      2. Under Upgrade Type, click Test Upgrade.
      3. Under Upgrade Phase, click All.
      4. Click Next.
    3. On the second page, the hostname of the standby CommServe is automatically provided. Click Next to continue.
    4. On the third page, under Database Information, the SQL Server database details are automatically provided. Click Next to continue.
    5. On the fourth page, make the following selections:
      1. In the Path to backup Database field, enter or browse for a folder where the CommServe database can be backed up during the test upgrade.
      2. In the Restore Database Location field, enter or browse for a folder to restore the database files related to the test upgrade.
      3. In the DBUpgrade Log Location field, enter or browse for a folder to store the logs related to the test upgrade.
      4. Click Next.
    6. On the fifth page, click Upgrade.
      • If the test upgrade is successful and reports no errors, continue with Step 5.
      • If the test upgrade finishes with errors, review the DatabaseUpgrade.log file that is located in the Software_Installation_Directory\Log Files directory. The log file includes a workaround or advice for most error messages. For more information, see Troubleshooting Errors Found During a Request an Upgrade or Test Upgrade.
  5. Send an email to yourupgradeadvisor@commvault.com to request an authorization code to validate the upgrade. You must include the following information in the email:
    • The DatabaseUpgrade.log file that you obtained during the test upgrade.
    • Your CommCell ID, registration code, and serial number. These CommCell details can be found in the License Administration dialog box of the CommCell Console Control Panel.

    When your request is approved, you will receive an email containing the authorization code and the instructions to apply the code to your database. The email will look similar to this sample email. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, contact yourupgradeadvisor@commvault.com.

    Important: You have 30 days to upgrade the CommServe computer. If you do not upgrade within 30 days, you must repeat the test upgrade process.

What to Do Next

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