Configuring SAP HANA Persistent Log Backups

This feature is available with Commvault Service Pack 6 or higher by setting the additional setting to 1.

In SP10 or higher, this feature is activated by default.

SAP HANA can produce a large number of log files that must be backed up to have a persistent backup.

The persistent log backup feature ensures that you have all log files so that you can successfully restore your database.

When you enable the persistent log backup feature, the Commvault software backs up the SAP HANA log files by using one persistent backup job for a specified period of time (the default is 6 hours). This operation caches the media resources throughout the job.

The backup operation uses one job ID per SAP HANA database service.

The Commvault software gracefully shuts down the service, and marks the backup job as complete when any of the following conditions are met:

  • There is a job failure
  • The specified time period expires
  • There is no log activity for one hour

After the service is shut down, the next log request starts the process with a new job ID.


Last modified: 8/2/2018 3:09:49 PM