Configuring a VMware Instance for vCloud Backup

You can configure a VMware instance in a virtualization client to back up virtual machines in a vCloud datacenter. The user account for the vCloud host must have system administrator privileges (a VMware requirement) and vCenter Server permissions sufficient to access the virtual machines.

Best Practice

If a VMware instance is configured to access both vCenter and a vCloud Director, backup jobs fail to collect vCloud information for virtual machines in the vCenter. As a result, the backup job status shows "Completed with Errors" even though virtual machines in vCenter and vCloud are actually backed up.

To avoid getting "Completed with Errors" messages for vCloud backups, create a separate virtualization client to manage vCloud VMs.


  1. From the CommCell Console, navigate to Client Computers > virtualization_client > Virtual Server.
  2. Right-click VMware and click Properties.

    The Virtual Server Instance Properties dialog box displays the host name of the vCenter for the virtualization client.

  3. Click Configure to enter the login credentials for the vCloud associated with the vCenter.
  4. Enter the vCloud Host name.

    You can enter a host name or IP address. The host name is case sensitive.

  5. Click Change to enter the user credentials for the vCloud.
  6. Enter Username and Password and click OK.

    Note: When entering domain credentials, only enter the username and do not include the domain name (for example, enter jdoe instead of mydomain\jdoe).

  7. Click OK on the vCloud Login Credentials dialog box.
  8. Click OK on the Virtual Server Instance Properties dialog box.

Last modified: 4/30/2018 7:37:00 PM