The Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for Amazon provides IntelliSnap backups, which enable you to create point-in-time snapshots of instance data. You can back up large numbers of instances quickly, perform multiple backups each day, and recover full instances.

This approach helps you manage snapshots in a unified way without depending on a single storage solution.




Additional Information

Backup types

Perform full or incremental backups.

Backup Types

Backup copies

Use a snapshot to create a streaming backup copy, offloading the copy operation from production servers to backup infrastructure.

You must specify a Virtual Server Agent (VSA) proxy that is an AWS instance to perform backup copy operations for IntelliSnap backups.

Backup Copy Operations for Amazon

Restore options

Restore full instances.

Restoring Full Instances

Additional Commvault Features



Additional Information

Backup media

Back up to disk or other media for quick access or to tape for long term storage and archiving.

Create additional snapshot copies or tape copies as needed.

Storage Policy - Getting Started


Catalog and index snapshots, enabling policy-based movement to media and recovery.

Index and Index Cache


Source-side deduplication reduces the bandwidth requirement for secondary copies.

Deduplication Overview

Data retention and aging

Snapshot jobs are pruned based on the retention policy of the snapshot copy.

Snapshots related to pruned jobs are deleted from the array periodically.

Data Aging

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