You can restore instances (VMs) in place or to a new destination. Restores are supported for both Windows and Linux clients.

You can only restore instances from IntelliSnap backups to a zone in the same region where the IntelliSnap backup was performed.


  • For both in-place and out-of-place restores, the restored instance is assigned a new instance ID that is different from the source instance.
  • AWS tags set by users for an Amazon instance are backed up and restored.
  • When you restore encrypted volumes from streaming backups or IntelliSnap backup copies, both default and custom encrypted volumes are restored with AWS EBS default encryption. When you restore from a replica copy, default and custom encrypted volumes are restored with the encryption key that was tagged with cvlt-ec2 or cvlt-master (or uses an alias that refers to cvlt-ec2 or cvlt-master). For more information, see Amazon EBS Encryption and Configuring Replication of AWS-Encrypted Snapshots with IntelliSnap for Amazon.

Restore Process

Restores from IntelliSnap backups include the following stages:

  1. Based on the destination for the restore, determine what instance types are available.
  2. Create volumes from source snapshots.
  3. Download instance configuration files from the backup index.
  4. Create a new instance from the source AMI, or from an AMI that matches the operating system and type of the target instance.
  5. Stop the instance.
  6. Delete the operating system volume and attach the restored operating system volume.
  7. Attach the restored data volumes.

Last modified: 6/14/2019 4:24:30 PM