Getting Started with Installing Index Store and Adding an Index Server

The Index Server is a logical CommCell entity that uses clients to support different Commvault indexing, search, and analytics products and features. Install the Index Store package on clients in your CommCell environment, and then add and configure Index Servers.

Step 1: Install the Web Server

You must have a Web Server deployed in your CommCell Environment. For information, see Installing the Web Server.

Step 2: Install the Index Store Package

You can install the Index Store package on any supported clients in your CommCell environment. For instructions, see Installing the Index Store Package.

Step 3: Add and Configure the Index Server in Your CommCell Environment

Add the Index Server client to your CommCell environment and configure the Index Server roles to support the Commvault product or feature.

For more information, see Adding an Index Server Entity to Your CommCell Environment.

Last modified: 12/3/2019 10:32:17 PM