Running a Virtual Machine from Web Console Using Live Mount

The Live Mount feature enables you to run a virtual machine directly from a stored backup. You can use this feature from the Web Console to validate that backups are usable for a disaster recovery scenario, to validate the content on the backup, or to access data from the virtual machine directly instead of restoring guest files.

Virtual machines that are live mounted are intended for short term usage and should not be used for production; changes to live mounted VMs or their data are not retained when the virtual machine expires. The VM expiration period is set through a VM Lifecycle Management policy.

Before You Begin

  • Live Mount is only supported from streaming backups and IntelliSnap backup copies.
  • You must be configured as an owner for the source virtual machine, and you must have View and Out of Place Full Machine Recovery permissions.
  • You must be associated with a Live Mount provisioning policy.

For additional information and administration requirements, see Live Mount.


  1. Log in to the Web Console.
  2. Click My Data.
  3. Click VMs.
  4. In the VMs list, click Show Details for the virtual machine to be recovered.
  5. In the details page for the VM, click Live Mount.
  6. In the Mount Points page, select one of the following options:
    • Mount VM from the latest backup and configuration
    • Select Point in Time - Select a backup from the Time list.
  7. Press Next.
  8. In the Location page, provide the following information:
    1. VM Lifecycle Policies - Select the policy to be used for the live mount operation.
    2. VM Name - The suffix 'VM' is automatically added after the source VM name. You can change the name to be used for the recovered VM.
    3. Select one of the following options:
      • No Network - The VM will be recovered without a network connection.
      • Original Network - The recovered VM will be connected to the same network as the original VM.

        Note: Restoring to the original network can create a conflict if the source VM is running.

      • Select Network - Select a network for the recovered VM from the list.
  9. Click Next.
  10. In the Summary page, verify the information for the live mount request and click Finish.

If you are restoring to the original network, you must confirm that choice.

When you submit the request, a job ID is displayed for the live mount request.

Last modified: 1/12/2018 9:19:34 PM