Network Route Configuration

Use this dialog box to configure network settings for the selected CommCell entity, which can be a CommServe, MediaAgent, client computer or client group.

Configure Network Route Settings

Select this option to configure network route settings on the client or client group that you selected.

If you configure network route settings on a client group, all of the clients that are associated with the client group will inherit the network configurations that you set on the group. The clients that are part of the client group will display a note indicating that network route settings are inherited from the client group.

Remember: If a client is inheriting the network route settings from a client group, you do not need to select the Configure Network Route Settings check box. However, you can select the option if you want to configure additional (or different) network route settings on the client.

Use the following options to establish connectivity to and from CommCell entities in the Commvault network.

By default, the network route properties at the CommCell level only display the Advanced options.


Select this option to quickly configure direct tunnel connection or proxy connection between the selected CommCell component and the CommServe or MediaAgent.

Use the following tabs to specify the type of network route configuration:


Select this option to configure any type of connection route between the CommCell components (entities) to establish connectivity across the network.

Use the following tabs to provide the firewall configuration details:

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