Controlling the Chunk Size in the MediaAgent

Use the DMMBCHUNKSIZE additional setting to control the chunk size of the data write operations that go to the MediaAgent on which the additional setting is created.

The chunk size that is specified in the additional setting overrides the values that is specified in the chunk size set for the CommCell in the Media Management configuration.

Note: This additional setting is not supported for HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Storage.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Storage Resources | MediaAgents.
  2. Right-click the appropriate MediaAgent, and then click Properties.
  3. In the MediaAgent Properties dialog box, click the Additional Settings tab, and then click Add button.
  4. In the Add Additional Settings on Windows Client dialog box, in the Name box, type DMMBCHUNKSIZE.

    The Category and Type details are automatically populated.

  5. In the Value box, specify chunk size value in MB (for example, 2048 MB).
  6. Click OK and click OK to close the MediaAgent Properties dialog box.

Last modified: 10/23/2018 4:19:02 PM