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Cloud Storage - Deduplication

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Direct Deduplication to Cloud Storage

Deduplication Using Cloud Gateway


License Administration

Data backed up to a cloud storage library can be deduplicated. Deduplication eliminates redundant data segments from the backup and reduces the size of the backup data. This is particularly useful in Cloud Storage where data is transferred to the storage target over WAN. Deduplication with Cloud Storage not only reduces the storage space requirements, but also reduces the data that is transferred over the network resulting in faster and efficient data protection operations.

Deduplication to Cloud Storage can be set up using one of the following methods:

Direct Deduplication to Cloud Storage

In Direct Deduplication to cloud, the cloud storage is defined as the storage target in the MediaAgent. Deduplication is enabled either at the client or at the MediaAgent. The deduplicated data is transferred to Cloud Storage library. The deduplication database resides on the MediaAgent (or on a designated volume that is attached to the MediaAgent).

Direct Deduplication to Cloud Storage is not supported on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Glacier (Direct)
  • Caringo CAStor

Dell DX ObjectSilo Storage is not supported in the Direct Deduplication to Cloud Storage configuration.Deduplication to Tape (Silo Storage) is supported in the Deduplication Using Cloud Gateway configuration.

Configuring Deduplication to Cloud Storage

  1. Add the cloud storage hardware as a new cloud device. Provide the access credentials as required.

    See Create Cloud Storage Library for instructions.

  2. Create a deduplicated storage policy by selected cloud library as the data path library.

    See Creating a Storage Policy with Deduplication for instructions.

Deduplication Using Cloud Gateway

In the Cloud Gateway setup, a UNC path is designated as the cloud gateway. Individual clients send in their deduplicated backups to this UNC path. The deduplicated data is then moved to the Cloud Storage using Silo Storage. The cloud library is designated as the silo storage destination and data is migrated using schedules.

Configuring Deduplication Using Cloud Gateway

Setting up deduplication using Cloud Gateway is a multi-step process. The steps are:

  1. Configuring the Cloud Storage Library.

    Refer to Getting Started – Cloud Storage to configure the library.

  2. Creating a deduplication enabled storage policy with a disk library.

    See Creating a Storage Policy with Deduplication for instructions.

  3. Creating a Silo copy on the Cloud Storage.

    See Creating a Silo Copy for instructions.

  4. Configure the client backups to use the storage policy copy for backup operations.
  5. Run the backup operations.


Cloud Read and Write Performance

Use the following settings to obtain the best read, write performance from cloud libraries with deduplication:

Check Storage Policy Properties > Advanced > Block level Deduplication factor (in KB) option, and make sure that the block size is set to 512 KB.

See Block Size in Deduplication Building Block Guide for more information.

See Also: Cloud Connection Performance Tuning

DDB Backup on Cloud

Deduplication Database (DDB) backup is not recommended on Archive Object Storage, like Glacier, Oracle Archive, Azure Archive, etc.

It is recommended to perform DDB backups to a Disk library. If however a Cloud library is used, create a new Cloud library that does not have the Archive Object Storage enabled (like Amazon S3) as the target and use it for performing both the DDB and Index backups.

See Deduplication Database Backup and Recovery for more information.

License Administration

Required Licenses

The following license is required for each MediaAgent that uses cloud storage libraries for data protection operations. This license is consumed when a cloud storage device is configured in the CommCell.


License Type

License Consumption

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

1 license per MediaAgent

Block Level Data Deduplication on Disk Media

Block Level De-Duplication

1 license per MediaAgent hosting the Deduplication Database

Data Deduplication on Secondary Media

Tape De-Duplication

1 license per MediaAgent hosting the Deduplication Database

For more information, see License Administration - Overview.

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