Restoring Data from Archive Cloud Storage Using a Workflow

If your data is moved or stored in an archive cloud storage, you must first recall the data to the main storage location before restoring the data.

Note: Restoring data from any Archive Cloud Storage platform involves latency, especially when large amounts of data has to be restored.

You can use any one of the following methods to recall the data:

Verify the information provided in Restoring Data from Archive Cloud Storage Using a Workflow - Support before setting up or running the workflow.

How it Works

  • When a restore job needs to recall data from Archive Cloud Storage, the job will go into the pending state in the Job Controller with the following message:

    Error Code: [62:2462] Description: The operation is not valid for the object's storage class. The object might be archived and the Cloud Recall workflow might have been initiated. After the recall operation is complete, the job will resume and the recalled data will be restored.

  • A workflow job will be initiated and will be seen in the Job Controller window. The workflow will start recalling the data from archive storage.
  • The restore job will stay in the pending state until all the data is recalled. (You may notice the restore job being resumed periodically whenever the workflow checks for the data requested by the restore.)

    This may take some time depending on the time delays in the specific Archive Cloud Storage platform.

  • Once all the data is recalled, the restore job will be resumed and data will be restored to the location specified in the restore job, and both the restore and workflow jobs will complete successfully.

Last modified: 4/29/2020 8:41:40 PM