You can use Commvault’s single entry point (a pseudoclient) to manage a MongoDB Sharded Cluster or Replica Set and to perform IntelliSnap backup and restore operations.

You can restore MongoDB data to the same replica set, or different destination replica set.

You can restore MongoDB data to the same Sharded Cluster, or different destination Sharded Cluster that has the same number of shards as the source cluster.

To back up a single database, use the Big Data Solution using the File System Agent. For more information, see Big Data Solutions - MongoDB.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a single interface to manage your MongoDB environment.
  • Engages Commvault’s IntelliSnap technology to protect the cluster almost instantly.
  • Protects both replica set topologies and sharded cluster topologies.
  • Protects the MongoDB databases from the secondary node, leaving the primary node’s resources untouched.
  • Allows recovery of the entire cluster.
  • Allows recovery to the original cluster or to a different cluster with the same number of shards, on-premises or within the cloud.

Supported Configurations

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