V11 Service Pack 11

Instances for Oracle

CommCell instances are the structure that identify and manage Oracle databases. You must add an instance for each Oracle database that will be backed up and restored. By default there are no instances in the CommCell after installing the Oracle Agent. Discover or add instances in the CommCell after you install the Oracle Agent or add a new database on the Oracle host.

Discover Oracle databases manually or automatically. Corresponding instances are created in the CommCell for each discovered instance.

  • Use the one-time operation to manually discover all existing Oracle databases.
  • Enable Automatic Instance Discovery to have the Commvault software automatically detect Oracle databases when a scheduled interval expires. Enabling Automatic instance discovery ensures that newly added Oracle databases are regularly accounted for backups.
  • Manually add an Oracle instance to add a container database or when you need to manage a database before the automatic instance discovery interval completes.
  • Add and configure instances by using the Commvault Command Line Interface when you are integrating with third party applications.

Add On-Demand instances for ad-hoc Oracle RMAN backup and restore operations and auxiliary instances to duplicate databases.

By default, when you discover or create an Oracle instance, the Commvault software automatically creates a default data subclient and a default archive log subclient.

Best Practice: Do not modify the default archive log subclient properties.

If you don't want the software to create the default archive log subclient, you can disable this feature by setting an additional setting. For more information, see Disabling Automatic Archive Log Subclient Creation.

Last modified: 2/28/2018 12:27:55 AM