V11 Service Pack 11

Exchange Mailbox Agent

The Exchange Mailbox Agent is a comprehensive solution that incorporates separate archiving and cleanup operations. You can archive mailbox messages to secondary storage. Administrators and end users can easily and quickly retrieve archived messages.

For the User Mailbox, cleanup operations create stubs on the production storage. The stubs point to the messages that were moved as part of the archiving and cleanup operations.

For the Journal Mailbox, cleanup jobs operations delete the contents of the journal mailbox from the Exchange server.

For the ContentStore Mailbox, cleanup operations delete the messages from the mailbox on the ContentStore Mailbox Server (SMTP).


  • Flexible server environment using one agent

    You can use an on-premises or hosted server environment, or both, using a single agent.

  • Improved throughput for Office 365 with Exchange

    For Office 365 with Exchange environments, the Exchange Mailbox Agent uses Exchange Web Services (EWS) for archiving messages, which provides better throughput.

  • Easy configuration

    All data is associated with one Exchange Mailbox client, which makes it simple to scale your data protection system horizontally. As your business needs change, you can add or remove physical clients at any time without any disruption.

  • User-level control

    With the Exchange Mailbox Agent, content is managed at the user level, rather than at the subclient level. Users are contained within a single subclient where you can assign discrete Exchange policies at the user, database, and user group levels. Using a single subclient eliminates the need to manage load balancing across multiple subclients.

  • Indexed data

    Because metadata (From, To, Subject, receive time, size, and so on) is indexed, you can perform data retrieval quickly.

  • Multistreaming

    Multistreaming means that archiving, cleanup, and restore jobs can be run in parallel and this increases throughput. In addition, each job type can run in multiple streams.

  • Previews without content indexing

    Previews of messages are available for compliance searches and end-user searches whether or not you configure content indexing.

Exchange Mailbox Agent Compared with OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic) and the Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent

The Exchange Mailbox Agent replaces the Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent and OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic), except when you want to use any of the following:


Required agent

PST Archiving

Storage policy copy-based retention

Retention tags

Point-in-time restores

Tape out jobs (achieved using synthetic full backups)

  • OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic)
  • Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent

IMAP client access

Case Manager

  • OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic)
  • Exchange Mailbox (Classic) Agent

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