V11 Service Pack 11

Transitioning from a Version 10 Traditional Archiver Agent to Version 11 OnePass

If you have been using the traditional Archiver Agent to protect your data, then we recommend that you transition to OnePass. OnePass is a comprehensive solution that incorporates the traditional backup and archiving processes in a single operation. It enables you to move data to a secondary storage and use it to function as both backup and archive copy.

After you transition to OnePass, you can continue to use the traditional Archiver Agent to recover data that was archived using that agent. However, you cannot use the traditional Archiver Agent to perform archiving operations.

Note: If you want to continue to use the traditional Archiver Agent for archiving and recovery, you cannot upgrade the client to version 11 software.


  1. On the version 10 client, disable archiving for the traditional Archiving Agent. For instructions, see Disable Archiving for Traditional Archiver.
  2. Configure OnePass. For instructions, see one of the following in the version 10 documentation:
  3. Run a backup using OnePass. For instructions, see one of the following:
  4. Dissociate the data protection schedules from the traditional Archiver Agent and associate them with OnePass.
    1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Policies | Schedule Policies, right-click the SchedulePolicy and click Edit.
    2. Select the Associations tab and click Edit.
    3. Clear the selection Traditional Archiver Agent and select OnePass.
    4. Click OK.
  5. Deconfigure the traditional Archiver Agent.

    For instructions, see Deconfiguring Agents and Releasing a License (Deconfiguration) in the version 10 documentation.


    • Ensure that you only release the license for the traditional Archiver Agent at the agent level. Do not deconfigure or uninstall the client.
    • If you have a OnePass client configured with the traditional Archiver Agent, clear and select the Enable for archiving check box after the upgrade finishes.
  6. Upgrade the version 10 client to version 11.

    For instructions, see Upgrades.

  7. After the upgrade operation finishes, right-click the File System and in the File System Properties dialog box, select the Enable for archiving check box.

Note: You can perform recall operations of Hitachi NAS (BlueArc) and Celerra archiver stubs using OnePass proxy computer.

Last modified: 1/11/2018 8:29:17 PM