V11 Service Pack 11


ContinuousDataReplicator (CDR)

CDR replicates data from a source computer to a destination computer. This is done in near real-time by logging all file write activity to a replication log in the source computer, including new files and changes to existing files. These replication logs are transferred to the destination computer and replayed, ensuring that the destination remains a nearly real-time replica of the source.

For more information about data replication, see Overview - ContinuousDataReplicator.

Database Replication

Keep up-to-date copies of production databases on alternate servers, thus minimizing down time in cases where the production database server has failed. The advantages of Warm Database Restore over a traditional restore scenario is that the database is always kept in a near ready state. In the case of disaster, users do not need to wait for the time it would take to restore the database in its entirety. Only the latest backup may need to be applied to the target database before turning the application over to use it.

For more information, see Hot Standby Server Restore - SQL Agent or Replication Using Warm Database Restore - MySQL Agent.

Snapshot Replication

You can copy Amazon snapshots between geographic regions, and then perform a full virtual machine restore from the copied snapshots. This is especially useful for disaster recovery.

For more information, see Replicating Snapshots.

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