V11 Service Pack 11

Reports on Commvault Store

Frequently, we build new reports for the Web Console and publish those new reports to Commvault Store. If you have access to reports on your Web Console and also have access to our Cloud Services website, you can download new reports from Commvault Store and view them on your Web Console. Reports are configured to display only data for the CommServe computer where you download the report, but you can configure additional data sources.

There are two types of reports available on the Commvault Store: Basic and Premium. Basic reports are available to all users for download. Although you can see a list of the Premium reports, you must contact your Account Representative to download them.


If we make any changes to the report, we publish an update for the report on Commvault Store. You can either manually update reports or set reports to update automatically:

Important: We strongly recommend that you either set the automatic update option for reports or update all of your reports after each Service Pack upgrade.

Last modified: 6/28/2018 5:45:39 PM