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Edge Endpoint Solutions Overview

Edge technology is a solution set that offers endpoint data protection, security, easy access, and search capabilities on end-user data. Using Edge solutions, you can protect your data against data breaches and also increase the productivity through end-user self-service capabilities. End users have immediate access to their data, regardless of where it is created, and can securely share, search, and restore files from their desktop, laptop, or other mobile devices, without assistance. Edge solutions provide global access to distributed files and documents without using third-party file sharing and cloud backup services, which are outside the security and control of corporate IT solutions.

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Key Features

  • Endpoint Data Protection

    Secure protection for business-critical data on laptops and desktops through source-side deduplication, policy-based scheduling, and intelligent bandwidth throttling.

  • Endpoint Data Security

    File-level security and encryption to prevent unauthorized access to data on laptop clients, or to securely erase data from stolen laptops.

  • Secure File Access and Sharing

    End users can access their backed up data from smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops using mobile apps, a web-based portal and integrated file system plug-ins. End users can retrieve, manage, and view all of their protected files and e-mails in a cloud-based storage repository, and securely share files for collaboration.

  • File Synchronization

    End users can always get to their most recent files or different versions, regardless of where the files were created, when their work is shared across laptops and desktops.

  • Integration with Commvault Features

    Fully integrated with the Commvault platform, with all of its policy-based data protection, deduplication, compliance and eDiscovery, reporting, and analytics features.

Edge Endpoint Components

There are several components in the Edge Endpoint solution set.





Laptop Backup

Protect data on remote laptops and desktops.


License Requirements

File System Core

Data Loss Prevention

File-level security that prevents unauthorized access to data on laptop clients using Periodic Document Encryption and Secure Erase.


  • Laptop Backup
  • Explorer Plug-in

Edge Drive

Cloud-based storage that enables end users to access their files from almost anywhere.


  • Laptop Backup
  • Web Server
  • Web Console

Edge Monitor

End users can monitor and control backup jobs from their laptop.


  • Laptop Backup

Explorer Plug-In

Microsoft Windows end users can access their backed-up files directly in Windows Explorer.


Laptop Backup or Windows File System Agent

Commvault Edge

End users can use a smart device to access files that were backed up using Laptop Backup.


  • Laptop Backup
  • Edge App
  • Web Server
  • Web Console

Commvault NOW

Using a smart device, CommCell users can interact with CommCell jobs and view reports and events.


  • Commvault NOW App
  • Web Server
  • Web Console

Web Console

Web-based application that allows end-users to manage their data, as well as to perform other operations such as reporting and management of virtual machines.


  • Web Server


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