Known Issues

early release

VM-centric operations are available for streaming backups performed for the Virtual Server Agent with VMware.

The following operations are not supported with Indexing Version 2 for the Virtual Server Agent:

  • File and folder information is not collected during backups.
  • File indexing for virtual machines is not supported.
  • Guest file restores from tape are not supported with Indexing Version 2, because file details are not collected in backups and live browse operations are not supported from tape copies.
  • Specifying encryption settings using VM-level settings.

    You can specify encryption settings through the storage policy.

  • Live sync operations to a different vCenter are not supported.
  • Live Sync Direct operations from IntelliSnap backups are not supported.
  • End users can use Command Center to perform VM-centric operations. Web Console does not support VM-centric operations.
  • For a VM instance client, the Browse and Restore Options dialog box shows options for Virtual Machine files and Attach Disks to Existing VM, but those types of restores can be performed only from a backup set under the virtualization client.
  • If a virtual machine is deleted from the vCenter, the VM client remains in the CommCell Console. To avoid errors for the deleted VM, delete the VM client manually and remove the corresponding VM from all subclients where it is included as content.
  • If you restore files from a virtual machine that has a File System Agent installed, the Virtual Server Agent backup might not have the most recent backup data. To ensure that you are restoring from the most recent backup, initiate the restore from the job history for the virtual machine.
  • You cannot use the virtual machine archiving feature for virtualization clients that use Indexing Version 2.
  • Secondary copy operations from a snapshot replica are not supported with Indexing Version 2.

Last modified: 8/21/2019 9:13:23 PM