Getting Started with Snapshot Operations Using Microsoft Azure Snap

Step 1: Configure a Microsoft Azure VM

  1. Create a virtual machine in the Azure portal with the following options
    1. Uses HTTPS
    2. Ports 443 and 8400 open for the Commvault process.

    For more information, go to the Microsoft Azure Documentation site, Quickstart: Create a Linux virtual machine in the Azure portal.

  2. Complete the Azure Snap configuration. For more information, see IntelliSnap with Microsoft Azure Snap Configuration.

Step 2: Create a Client to Install the Agent

Create a client that represents the Microsoft Azure VM, and then push-install the agent software on the client. For more information, see Creating a Client to Install the Agent.

Step 3 What to Do Next

Complete the configuration to run your backup and restores for the agent.

For more information,see the following links for the agent:

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