Deleting Messages in Exchange Mailbox

Administrators and end users can delete backed-up messages from secondary storage.

The delete feature allows administrators to permanently delete any data that was backed up. Permanently deleting data is useful if you want to delete data so that it cannot be restored again. For example, you might want to delete data for legal purposes or compliance regulations.

The delete operation deletes only the backup data. The source data remains in the mailbox. Therefore, first delete the data from the source so that it is not backed up again. You must also delete the stubs from the source before running the delete operation so that they are not backed up again. If you do not delete the stubs, then synthetic full backup jobs fail.

The delete operation makes the data inaccessible for browsing and recovery. However, the data remains on the media and takes up space until it is aged off according to the retention rules set for the data. After you delete data, you cannot recover it using any data recovery methods.

Last modified: 9/6/2019 4:05:07 PM