CvSQLBackupUtility Tool

You can use the CvSQLBackupUtility independently of the Commvault software product to run backup operations and restore operations provided by the Microsoft SQL Server (MSSS). You can also use this tool to troubleshoot issues with the configuration of the MSSS database.

You can use this tool as a replacement for other SQL diagnostic tools, but not as a replacement for the Commvault software itself.

The CvSQLBackupUtility tool is installed while installing the SQL Server agent. It is supported only on Windows.

CvSQLBackupUtility has the following syntax:

CVSQLBackupUtility.exe /operation <operation> <mandatory_parameters> [<optional_parameters>]

Note: To run the CvSQLBackupUtility.exe program, the /operation parameter and its <operation> value are mandatory. For each operation, some parameters are mandatory while others are optional. For a description of the mandatory and optional parameters for each operation, see Available Operations for CvSQLBackupUtility Tool.

Last modified: 12/4/2018 5:25:38 AM