Backup Agents

The following new features were added to the current software release.

Hadoop Agent

Backup Support for Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) using the Hadoop Agent (HDFS) Agent

You can back up Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) using the Hadoop Agent (HDFS) Agent.

For more information, see Backup Support for Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) using the Hadoop (HDFS) Agent.

Active Directory

Support for the Active Directory Application in the Command Center

You can use the Command Center to back up and recover individual Active Directory objects and their attributes. The Active Directory application, along with the Windows File Agent, provides complete data protection for a domain controller and the objects in a domain, including the LDS/ADAM objects and attributes.

For more information, see Active Directory.

Exchange Mailbox Agent

Entity Detection

Entity detection is a feature that can identify when data contains sensitive information, like personal identification numbers, credit card numbers, and bank routing information.

For more information, see Entity Detection Using the Exchange Mailbox.

Exchange Migration to Office 365

This Exchange Online Migration app is used to migrate the On-Premises mailboxes to the Office 365 cloud.

It is recommended to first run backup operations from the On-Premises Exchange environment. Incremental backups to continue after the mailbox is migrated to the cloud.

For more information, see Remote Exchange Online Migration App.

Last modified: 1/7/2019 10:16:49 PM