Configuring the Bootable USB drive

To download the backup image of the Commvault Remote Office Appliance RO1100 from the cloud storage location, you must configure the bootable USB drive.


  1. Connect the USB drive to a computer.
  2. Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator.
  3. Type the following command:


  4. In the new command line window type the following command:

    diskpart> list disk

    Note down the drive number or drive letter of the USB flash drive.

  5. Type select disk <X>, and then click Enter.

    Where X is the drive letter of the USB flash drive.

  6. Type clean to delete all the data from the USB drive and click Enter.
  7. Type create partition pri size=31000 to create a new primary partition on the USB drive, and then click Enter.
  8. Type select part 1 to select the newly created partition, and then click Enter.
  9. Type format fs=fat32 quick to format the partition, and then click Enter.
  10. Type active, and then click Enter.
  11. Type exit, and then click Enter.
  12. Open a Web browser, and then go to https://cloud.commvault.com.
  13. Click Member Login.
  14. In the Cloud Services window, enter the user name and password, and then click Login.
  15. Download the latest version of RO1100Appliance_SP<XX> zipped folder on to the local computer.

    Where <XX> is the service pack number. For example RO1100Appliance_SP13.zip

  16. Extract the contents of the zipped file and copy the contents to the bootable USB drive.

    Note: Copy only the extracted files. Do not copy the folder.

    The contents of the USB drive should be similar to the following:

  17. Use the bootable USB drive to start the computer.

What to Do Next

After configuring the bootable USB drive, reimage the Commvault Remote Office Appliance RO1100. For more information, see Re-Imaging the Commvault Remote Office Appliance RO1100.

Last modified: 1/11/2019 8:38:52 PM