Installation of UNIX Agents By a Non-Root User With Sudo Privileges

A non-root user with sudo privileges can install UNIX agents.


The user must have adequate sudo privileges. See Adding sudo Users with Root Privileges on a UNIX Client.

Supported Installation Methods

The following installation methods are supported:

  • Local installations (including installations in decoupled mode)
  • Custom package creation and installation
  • Unattended installations (silent installations that use prerecorded XML files)
  • Installations using the CommCell Console

For local installations, whether interactive or unattended, execute the installer with the sudo command.


  • $ sudo ./cvpkgadd
  • $ sudo ./silent_install -p default.xml -authcode authcodenum

For push installation from the Commcell Console GUI, specify the username and password of the sudoer account. Commvault will automatically utilize sudo to run the install package.

Last modified: 5/31/2019 8:10:02 PM