Creating a Google Cloud Platform Service Account

To backup and restore Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instances, you must create a GCP service account and copy the private key file to each VSA proxy (access node).


To backup and restore Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instances, your GCP service account must have one of the following roles assigned:

  • Owner
  • Compute Instance Admin (v1) and Service Account User


  1. Create a GCP service account through the GCP Console. Refer to Creating and managing service accounts.
  2. Assign the roles accordingly through the GCP Console.
  3. Make a note of the service account ID, project ID, P12 key file name, and P12 key password.
  4. Copy the P12 private key file to the <base_folder>/certificates/external directory on each VSA proxy (access node).

    If the <base_folder>/certificates/external directory does not already exist, create the directory.

What To Do Next

Create a virtualization client to manage backup and restore operations for a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project.

Last modified: 9/4/2019 6:32:01 PM