Modifying the Properties of a Global Deduplication Policy

If you have set up a global deduplication policy for your environment, you can change the global deduplication property values for the storage policy.

Note: Global policies may be hidden under the Storage policies node using a Media Management Configuration parameter. See Include Global Policies in Storage Policy list for more information.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies > Storage Policy.
  2. Right-click the appropriate global deduplication policy and then click Properties.
  3. In the Storage Policy Properties dialog box, choose how you want to modify the global deduplication settings.
    • To change general information, such as:
      • Distributing data evenly among multiple streams for offline read operations.
      • Keep resource reservations cached for jobs on the storage policy.
      • Use storage policy for legal holds.

      See General.

    • To change the storage policy copy from which you want data to be restored, see Silo Restore Precedence.
    • To view list of dependent storage policy copies for a global deduplication policy, see Dependent Copies.
    • To change the user groups to which CommCell entity is associated, see Security.
    • To change advanced options, such as block-level deduplication factor and storage policy media password, see Advanced.
  4. Click OK.

Last modified: 10/9/2019 10:28:08 AM