Delete a Search Engine Cloud

You can delete a search engine cloud when a storage policy is not associated with it. To disassociate the storage policy, you can do either of the following:

  • On the storage policy, clear the Enable Content Indexing check box.
  • Associate a different search engine with the storage policy.

    To associate a search engine with a storage policy, refer to Configuration of Search Engine.

Note: You cannot delete individual Search Engine nodes within a cloud. You may only delete an entire Search Engine cloud.


  1. From the CommCell browser, go to Storage Resources> Search Engines.
  2. Right-click the Search Engine cloud, and then click Delete.
  3. In the Confirm dialog box, click Yes.

    The Search Engine cloud is deleted from the CommCell Console.

  4. On each node of the Search Engine cloud, log on to the computer and uninstall the Commvault software.

Last modified: 8/3/2018 7:25:33 PM