Enabling Parallel Copy on a Storage Policy Copy

You can configure the storage policy copy as a parallel copy to optimize the use of storage media, and decrease the time needed to run an Auxiliary Copy operation.

When an Auxiliary Copy job is run, a parallel copy generates multiple secondary copy jobs (jobs based on the number of parallel copies configured in the storage policy) concurrently. That is, the data is read from the source copy (only once) and written to the multiple storage policy copies. Therefore, multiple copies are written in parallel by reading the source media only once.

Review the following before configuring the parallel copy:

  • The parallel copy must be enabled on at least two storage policy copies in a Storage Policy for it to be effective.
  • Parallel copy can be used in an environment where you have multiple copies using identical network speed.

    Parallel copy is not recommended in environment where one copy is configured on a high speed network and the other is configured on a low speed network. In this scenario, the throughput achieved from the low speed network will be the throughput of the Auxiliary Copy job.

    For example, parallel copy operation is not advisable in an environment:

    • Where you have one copy configured on WAN and other copy on LAN.
    • Where one copy uses LTO5 tape and drives and other copy uses LTO4 tape and drives.
  • The Auxiliary Copy operation must be performed to all the parallel copies configured in the storage policy.

Applies to

  • Synchronous Copy, Selective Copy, Inline Copy, Deferred Copy, Spool Copy, and WORM Copy

To enable parallel copy on a storage policy copy.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies | Storage Policies | <Storage_Policy>.
  2. Right-click the appropriate storage policy copy, and then click Properties.
  3. In the Copy Properties dialog box, select the Enable Parallel Copy check box, and then click OK.


    When you subsequently run the Auxiliary Copy operation, make sure to select All Copies option in the Auxiliary Copy Job Options dialog box, so that the data is copied to both the copies.

Last modified: 8/30/2019 6:44:53 PM