Updating Properties of a Storage Policy Copy Using XML Files

Once you create a storage policy copy, you can change its properties at any time. You can use following XML files to edit the properties of a storage policy copy:

  • UpdateCopy.xml -  Use this XML to edit name and type of a copy.
  • PromoteToPrimary.xml - Use this XML for making a copy as a primary copy.
  • Update_BasicRetention.xml - Use this XML for updating basic retention rules on copy.
  • Update_extendedRetention.xml - Use this XML for updating extended retention rules on copy.
  • Updatecopy_media.xml - Use this XML for editing Media related of a copy.
  • Update_DataPath.xml - Use this XML to add or delete alternate data paths for the copy.
  • Update_DataPathConfig.xml - Use this XML to specify the conditions for using an alternate data path for the copy.
  • Update_Advanced.xml - Use this XML to modify the data verification or data encryption options on the copy.
  • Update_AuxFallenBehindAlert.xml - Use this XML to modify the Auxiliary Copy fallen behind alert options on the copy.
  • Update_DDB_Settings.xml - Use this XML to modify the deduplication settings on the copy.
  • Update_SiloOptions.xml - Use this XML to modify the silo options on the copy.
  • Update_Selective.xml - Use this XML to modify the selective copy criteria on the copy.
  • Update_Provisioning - Use this XML to modify the provisioning to be used for Vault or Mirror storage provisioning.
  • client_software_compression.xml - Use this XML to enable or disable software compression on the clients.
  • Delete_SP_copy.xml - Use this XML to delete a storage policy copy.
  • Delete_job.xml - Use this XML to delete a job on a storage policy copy.
  • Update_CopyAssociations - Use this XML to update the subclient associations of a storage policy copy.
  • association_update - Use this XML file to add SVM associations to the replica/vault copy or mirror copy.

Last modified: 10/15/2018 9:20:11 PM