Modifying the DB2 Audit Error Path

When you install the DB2 Agent, you specify the parent path where the software stores the archive files, audit error log files, and files that are used in the DB2 recovery process.

When you use the VENDOR library for log archival, the software stores the offset log files in this location. The software automatically cleans up any offset file that is not accessed in 4 days.

Offset log files are index files that contain information about the backed up DB2 logs, for example, the chain number and offset media. The information in these files improves the restore job performance.

Use this procedure to change the DB2 audit error path after you install the DB2 Agent.

Note: In a multi-instance and multi-database configuration, you can configure multiple archive paths by configuring this additional setting for each instance and database.


Last modified: 9/12/2018 1:06:48 PM