Configuring Load Sharing for DB2 MultiNode

In a primary copy, multiple streams of a backup job can share the load on multiple data paths. When you use multiple paths, the software releases the load on a single data path.


  1. Configure multiple data paths in the primary copy. For more information, see Copy Properties - Data Paths.
  2.  Configure the Resource Manager to use the Allow load-balance on multiple data paths within one backup job option. For more information see Media Management Configuration: Resource Manager.


If you need to simultaneously back up to 8 drives of 2 or more libraries as part of one backup job, then you must configure the following to perform parallel backups by using the resources that are allocated on all the drives that were part of different data paths in a library:

  1. Configure a storage policy primary copy with multiple data paths, see Alternate Data Paths.
  2. Reserve resource allocation for these data paths by using media management's Resource Manager.


Last modified: 9/7/2018 12:04:02 PM