Modifying the Threshold for DB2 or DB2 MultiNode Log File Backups

When you install the DB2 Agent, you specify a DB2 archive log path.

The Commvault software stores DB2 archive logs in this staging path to avoid a log backup job for each log archival request.

When you perform an archival log operation, the Commvault software automatically starts a command-line log backup, and then remove the archive logs from the archive log path when the size of all the archive logs (in MB) is equal to or greater than the additional setting value.

The default is 10000 MB.

Note: If you want the log files to go directly to media, then set the sDb2ThresholdALFS additional setting to 1.


What to Do Next

Perform an archival log operation to verify that the setting has taken effect.

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Last modified: 3/27/2018 3:46:22 PM